Winter ready with Stylish Jackets and Sweaters

3405d  - Winter ready with Stylish Jackets and Sweaters

Jackets and sweaters are a common choice and an essential part of our wardrobes. These everyday wear can raise your style quotient if you choose in an informed manner. Browse the latest collections of jackets for men and women’s sweaters to find the colours and fits that speak your style statement.

Jackets – Truly Versatile
A versatile garment that comes in so many styles, the jacket can really define an outfit in the best possible ways. Whether you need a light one for the nippy but friendly evenings or are preparing for a cold snap, there are more than enough choices in material and texture to keep you happy. Choose a thick casual jacket for everyday affairs while you can opt for the dinner jacket inspired designs for a semi formal look.
Denim jackets have made a comeback over the last few years and you can wear them with a light coloured tee below, either opened or buttoned up. Show off those biceps with a sleeveless piece. Bomber jackets provide a full, attractive touch to any casual outfit. Sleeveless bombers are great with your regular skinny jeans and white sneakers. The classic quilted jacket is available in modern textures and vivid colours and combinations. Some of the hues available include red and black, a very complimenting combo, maroon with striped cuffs, coral red and vibrant colour block designs. A regular fit burgundy jacket will look good in contrast with a lighter shade tee or plaid patterned shirt. Wrangler Men and Blue Saint have some interesting designs that you may want to add to your collection. Abof Men’s range of jackets covers a wide spectrum of textures, fits and occasions.

Women’s Sweaters – A World of Choice
Sweaters for women are an indispensable part of the wardrobe. They can be worn over a skirt or dress and look great with distressed jeans and a pair of flats. Sleeveless light sweaters are an ideal choice for the warmer climes, with embellishments and woven prints adding that extra playful element. Go for a relaxed fit that will complement your denim or khakis. A slim longline sweater compliments that feminine silhouette and adds to the charm with the soft texture. Sweaters are meant to be comfortable, so choose from the latest patent and blended materials for the combo that you are comfortable with. Some of the hottest brands in town include Bare Denim and Annabelle by Pantaloons, Levi’s and last but not least, United Colors of Benetton, with their trademark lively prints and bright urban hues. Abof Women also boasts a wide selection of sweaters in different styles and tones.

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