Wheatgrass Juice – A Cup Of Good Health

People who know me very well know how much a foodie I am and how much I crave for fast foods like pizza, noodles, chips and many such things. But while indulging in the foods of my pleasure I also make sure that I don’t affect my health and nutritional quota and this leads me to keep searching for new and old natural recipes which are simple but rich in nutritional values.


Recently I came across one such thing – WheatGrass Juice. While generally discussing with one of my friends I came to know that it has been used for years in many parts of India to cure several diseases like jaundice, liver infection, restore strength and vitality for sick people. It is also used outside India as a drink for it’s myriad of benefits.

To name a few benefits of Wheatgrass juice:

1. Wheatgrass juice is 70% chlorophyll and increases red blood-cell count and also lowers blood pressure.
2. Wheatgrass juice is very good healer and has many minerals and vitamins like A, B-complex, C, E, l and K. It is highly rich in protein and has 17 amino acids, the building blocks of protein.
3. Wheatgrass juice cures acne and remove scars on regular use.
4. Wheatgrass prevents premature hair greying. Wheatgrass when applied externally on the scalp and kept for 30 minutes also helps reduce dandruff.
5. Wheatgrass juice improves digestion and also cures constipation.

So here’s how you can prepare your wheat grass drink in few simple steps:

1. You can grow wheat grass at home, just put a handful of wheat grains in a pot of wet soil and water it daily. Within 4-5 days you would see the grass blades popping out from the soil, after 3-4 days you can pluck them up and use for juice making. You can also buy them from some online vegetable stores.

Wheat grass health benefits

2. Wash the wheat grass thoroughly in clean water several times to remove all mud.

wheat grass for health

3. Chop them up coarsely for ease in grinding

wheat grass

4. Grind it in mixer with little amount of water

wheat grass juice recipe

5. Stain the juice and enjoy your shot of good health

wheat grass juice

I generally have wheatgrass juice weekly but you can have it more frequently as no side effects have been found of this juice yet. People with some medical condition should first consult there doctor.