The Creepiest Instagram Makeup Looks Just In Time For Halloween

For those who don’t have a costume ready for All Hallows’ Eve, the perfect makeup job can still help you get into the Halloween spirit. As a world away from your everyday winged liner and red lips, Halloween makeup involves zany designs and creepy patterns. Whether you’re looking to experiment with new art forms or transform yourself into a mystical beast, we’ve curated a few Halloween makeup ideas. Sure to give your friends a fright, these potential scary beauty looks are suitable for terrifying just about everyone in sight.

Photo: erikamariemua on Instagram 

Pointillism makeup: If you’re wondering how to give your Halloween makeup a unique spin, look no further than the drawing style of pointillism. Try spotting your entire visage with a series of tiny dots, as seen in this example by makeup artist Erika Marie. From black specks on your décolletage to darkly dotted brows, pointillism can shake up your makeup game for the 31st.

Photo: kosmeticsbykatie on Instagram 

Glamorous zombie: Perhaps you’re planning to go as a sexy zombie, in which case, plenty of blood is the order of the day. Try altering your visage with fake blood applied in streaks under your eyes and on your neck. Meanwhile, you can keep the look glamorous with shimmering pink eyeshadow, glowing highlighted cheeks and luscious eyelashes.

Photo: elysa_enchantress on Instagram 

Cheshire cat: Try combining your love of beauty with your creepy side, and unveiling a Cheshire cat face instead. We’re liking this particular makeup look, which features strategic, powder blue stripes of colour. Outline your eyes with black liquid eyeliner, add a few liquid eyeliner whiskers and create a perfect pout with black and white paint.