Strike A Balance Between Cosmetic And Natural Beauty Care

We all use some or the other form of Cosmetics, be it by choice or out of necessity. By choice I refer to people who love to apply makeup and by necessity I refer to people who use makeup to conceal minor facial flaws.

Well using makeup is not a crime but the Big question is “How Much is enough”, keeping in mind the ill effects of all the chemicals used in these cosmetics on our skin and body. There can not be any definite measure of the bad effect of cosmetics because the effects vary from people to people, because of their varying skin type, climatic conditions, what they eat, how they live etc etc. On the other hand it has been proven several times that Natural ingredients are the best, so it is always better to use natural things as much as possible.

Avoid cosmetics and use best natural skin care products

I believe we should find a balance between the two so we can combat the wrong done by cosmetics with the goodness of natural ingredients. Here are few ways I would recommend to do so….

1. When you can’t avoid foundations and concealers and other makeup make sure to use olive oil and almond oil mix as your makeup remover instead of cosmetic one. Even the celebrities like Shilpa Shetty believe in using these oils as makeup remover

2. Put some effort and bid good bye to your daily face wash, instead use besan/gram flour to wash your face. You will immediately see how much your skin would love this. If besan dries off your skin use a moisturizer after this.

3. I know avoiding a shampoo is not possible because of time constraints but atleast we can do away with the conditioners. Replace it with lemon or vinegar rinse every time you wash your hair.

4. If you cannot do away with your morning cosmetic moisturizers try natural ingredients for night moisturizing atleast. The mixture of lemon juice, glycerin and rose water  has all the goodness to replenish and repair your skin at night.

5. There are so many products in the market which claim to cure under eye circles, puffiness and baggy eyes. I have tried a few and would say nothing works better than our age old formula of using almond oil or cucumber slices to beautify and sooth the eyes.

6. Besides these, rose water can be used as a toner, fresh milk is a very good cleanser and curd acts as an excellent tan remover.

We just need to be aware and we can find a solution to replace a lot of Cosmetics from our day to day life. So it’s your turn now to strike a Balance, are you ready?