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Sometimes you get what you have been wishing for. I don’t regret here that why didn’t I ask for something really big, there are lesser chances you get it from your wife so easily :). But this one I did. Every time I used to return from barber shop near my home, I would say to Swati someday I really want an exotic haircut somewhere. But somehow recently all the stars came together to draw a blue line on my Google map straight to Truefitt and Hill. It is world’s oldest and top barbershop chain, inherited from royalty of great Britain.

Royality is a promise and it comes from both sides. I had to book an appointment at Indiranagar, Bangalore branch 2 days prior to get my exotic haircut and it started from there. I got reminder two times before the scheduled appointment that my hairdresser would be waiting for me at 4:30 pm. I reached there on time and for sure you cannot miss this barber shop as it is located in very posh location of Indiranagar with valet parking facility. As they sounded, Truefitt and Hill shop had nice royal green look with antique tone. Their exotic products are on display, selfie demanded…’Review and experience at royal hairdressers bangaloreTruefitt and Hill India

I entered into Truefitt and Hill shop and was welcomed by Mr Salim. He himself presented wearing a nice beard and haircut, good enough to give a confidence that I am not in a wrong place. He introduced me to my hairdresser Mr Suhail. As I took my chair Suhail gently asked how can he help me. He showed me the services menu and explained about their signature services and product, meanwhile my green tea has arrived. I opted for the royal haircut. He also explained that they have amazing beard trimming and shaving, which is their expertise and for sure it has to be that ways for Royals.

top grooming salon chain Truefitt and Hill

They had variety of Shampoos, shaving cream, lotions, hair cream and hair wax. Products are more traditional and they claim that all are free from harmful chemicals and gentle on skin. They still use authentic traditional blade and razor for shaving and thats their signature service. Unfortunately I could not try that. Had no option other than choosing Royal haircut. Frankly speaking I had been growing my hair for this occasion so that I can get the haircut I wanted but have not really thought about beard.

Grooming products at Truefitt and HillRoyal haircut at Truefitt and Hill Salon, Indiranagar Bangalore

I choose the mint shampoo, hair wax and conditioner, which need not be washed off. Suhail washed my hair with luke warm water. Interestingly their chairs are very comfortable and adjustable for hair wash, massaging, haircut and styling. I was almost glued to chair and was almost in trans entirely during headwash and massage. Haircut I wanted it to be stylish, trendy and sober too, just not too much. Suhail really listened to my requirements patiently and suggested some styles. They also showed some of the styles on their tablet to get some ideas. I explained everything to him along with some freedom and vagueness for him to deal with. I liked the end result of it after half an hour effort with multiple iteration here and there. Understood one thing very well to get a good hair cut is an art where hair dresser and dressie both have to be patient ? … Thats the thing I liked most at Truefitt and Hill, staff is well trained for skill plus attitude of patience and listenability.

Before haircut:

Truefitt and Hill review and experience

After haircut:

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Men's haircut ideas at Truefitt and Hill

At the end I was really over satisfied with Truefitt and Hill services and wish to come back here again. Their prices are definitely royal but their experience is outstanding. I really liked their yearly membership plan which is around a half lacs for an year but surely a worth if you want to pamper yourself. It includes unlimited number of times any service can be used, awesome if you are closely located and see them more often and enjoy every bit of it including pedicure manicure, body massage etc. If not you just visit their shop to pick some quality stuff for your own grooming kit…

Harmful chemical free grooming products at Truefitt and Hill