Protect Your Precious Jewellery this Monsoon

With summer, already in its full bloom, everyone is waiting desperately for the monsoon to arrive. Sigh! The sound of rain offers an infinite joy to almost everyone. It brings with itself reasons to skive work, embark on lip-smacking fried snacks (read pakodas and samosas!) and a chance to enjoy long walks in the rain with your bestie! No matter how good monsoon can turn out for you and your mood, the rain will most likely spoil your precious jewellery and other ornaments. The humidity and moisture level in the atmosphere can ruin the longevity and charm of your jewellery. From your gold bangles to earrings and long-chain necklaces, everything should be kept safe against the odds that this season brings. So, here are some handy jewellery care tips that will help you protect your valuable possessions and keep them from getting damaged during monsoon. Take a look!

   Protect Your Precious Jewellery this Monsoon

For the Neutral Metals

Remember the time when you fell in love with those light weight gold bangle designs from CaratLane? We are pretty sure you bought some of them instantly! Well, now is the time to protect your precious jewellery from the adverse weather changes that monsoon brings with it. Neutral metals like platinum and gold are susceptible to catching dust and dirt in humid surroundings. Though they require minimal care and are hardly damaged by water like other metals; dust and dirt remain their biggest enemies. Use a solution of soap and warm water (it reaches the tricky parts and crevices of the jewellery) to maintain the sheen of your gold and platinum jewellery.

Jewellery care tips 2                                  Haiya Leafy Bangle

Silver Needs Extra Attention

We know it’s hard to get over the love for silver even for a day. However, wearing silver when it’s raining cats’ and dogs’ or even when the atmosphere is full of humidity can end up giving you a sorry face. Corrosion is the biggest enemy of silver and monsoon is the most favourable time of the year that promotes it. Your precious silver jewellery can turn black (though it can be restored back) if exposed to humidity. Moisture resistant containers are a blessing for silver jewellery (especially in the monsoon season) as they safeguard the lustre for years to come.

Jewellery care tips 1

Don’t Forget Your Pearl and Coral Jewellery

Pearl and coral jewellery are highly sensitive to humidity and can get damaged by the slightest exposure to water, perfumes and hair sprays. The delicate nature of pearls makes them vulnerable to scratches and nicks easily. The best way to keep them away from possible friction is by carefully storing them in wrappers and soft pouches after every use. These care instructions apply to every jewellery piece that features only a few pearls or corals. To increase the longevity of your pearl jewellery, store them away in the soft pouches as soon as the monsoon arrives. Also, make sure you don’t keep them in the same box as your gemstones to avoid potential scratches.

Jewellery care tips                                   Duo Chain Pearl Bracelet

Diamond – Your Best Friend

If you want your diamond delicates’ to shine like stars (always!), wrap them well and keep ’em safe in a jewellery box featuring a hard exterior and a soft interior. A sturdy and durable box will provide the right amount of protection your diamonds deserve. The soft interior will keep the ornament free from scratches, while the sturdy exterior will act as a shield against the outside pressure. To absorb excess humidity during the monsoon, keep a silica pouch in the box to retain its beauty.

If you keep your precious jewellery safe in an air-tight container and give them the care they deserve, then half of your concerns (how to guard jewellery in rainy season) are sorted. Always keep in mind the hitches of adverse weather conditions and follow measures that can help protect your jewellery while maintaining their sheen and lustre.

Have a Happy Monsoon!