People share their Reduce Reuse Recycle projects

Remember the childhood days when we used to make craft projects using cardboards and chart papers. I still have a picture of miniature sofa set, tables etc I made with cardboard and empty match boxes for a craft project. I am sure all of you must have done these kind of projects sometime or other. But now, do you still do them??? You would say we are Grown ups now and that was a child’s play.

But I disagree…After I saw the work of these enthusiasts using Cartons, Plastic waste and Thermocols generated from packaging wastes I believe it’s really not a child’s play. But it needs more, a passion to Recreate-Reuse-Reduce and make a difference. Let’s get to know these people and see what they do to get some inspiration…

1. Amitabh Saran

Amitabh is a passionate maker and a IT Professional living in Bengaluru, India. He is a fan of Cardboards, Cycling, Making and Tinkering with Kids. He is fascinated with Cardboards and Electronics and constantly trying to find out projects where he can leverage both. He is currently working on a LED Night lamp using cardboards, LEDs and acrylic and looking for like minded people who are interested on working on other Cardboard and Electronics projects as a hobby.

He passion is eminent in the number of cardboard furnitures he has made, for example Study table, Lounge Chair, Bed, Shoe Rack etc. He proves literally anything and everything can be made out of Cardboards.

2f914 Sofa made by reusing cardboards - People share their Reduce Reuse Recycle projects

2f914 Best out of waste a bed made with cardboards - People share their Reduce Reuse Recycle projects

1c982 Best use of packaging waste is create furniture like study table - People share their Reduce Reuse Recycle projects

a1f11 Shoes Rack created with cardboard - People share their Reduce Reuse Recycle projects

2. Anjali Agarwal

Anjali’s passion to Upcycle things is really contagious, you get so inspired by her work that you would also want to do it. It gives her great pleasure to convert something that people throw away into something useful and meaningful. Among other things her Upcycled jewellery made out of Maggi packets was much appreciated.

Recently when she got lot of Plastic air wraps collected in her home she simply didn’t throw it away. Instead she used them to create a Sitting Table at home, isn’t it just awesome.

a1f11 Sitting table made by stuffing plastic waste - People share their Reduce Reuse Recycle projects

3. Adity Roy Nair

Adity has very nicely used the sturdy Thermocol boxes as pot for her plants. And it is visible the plants are just lovely it and growing so beautifully. Similar can be done with plastic containers also.

  67112 Discarded thermocol waste used for plants pot - People share their Reduce Reuse Recycle projects

So what’s your take on these projects, don’t you think they are awesome. Have you tried any such projects, share them with us to inspire others…