Metallic Eyeshadow: Tips, Looks and Trends

From runway models to Miley Cyrus, strong metallic looks are
becoming a major trend. Whether you prefer a more subtle approach or you want
to go full out with your metallic eyeshadow and make a big fashion statement,
there are a few things you should know.

Discover some of the best metallic eyeshadow tips and tricks,
that will help pull off any look. From knowing that colors work best for you to
application tips and the right way to balance it with the rest of your makeup,
here’s what you need to know.

Pick the Right Color

Feel free to experiment with whatever shade looks the best
to you, but there are a few simple guidelines based on your skin tone. While
rose gold is beautifully flattering on any skin tone, shades of silver and
platinum work best for a pale complexion, while gold and bronze are perfect for
olive skin. If you have darker skin, you can pull off pretty much every shade
you want.

Apply Carefully

When it comes to application, your best bet is trial and
error. For some products, one of the most important metallic eyeshadow tips is
to apply using with your fingers, so you avoid drying it out with a brush and
ending up with a look that won’t stay pun. Whether you apply with a brush or
your fingers, always start at the center of your eyelids and work towards the

Gold Metallic Eyeshadow
photo: Ken Pao

Always Pair with

If you’re going out all with a beautiful metallic shade, you
simply can’t skip the mascara. It won’t just help make the look pop, but your
eyes will also benefit from the definition. Whether you prefer a volumizing or
a lengthening mascara, always stick to black, no matter what metallic shade you
choose in order to get the best effect.

Teal Metallic Eyeshadow

Don’t Forget to

Even if your eyeshadow is a light shade, you should still
make sure to highlight the inner corner of your eyes for a better finish. A
lighter silver can work if you’re using a cool shade, but one of the best metallic
eyeshadow tips is to use a touch of white regardless of your metallic color of

Metallic Gold Ans Silver Eye Makeup
photo: Ken Pao

Adapt Your Eyeliner

If you’re going for a strong metallic shade and you’re
completing the look with a black mascara, you don’t really need the eyeliner.
However, if you absolutely don’t want to skip it, then you should make some
adjustment to the way you usually apply it. Go as close as possible to your
lash lines, and stick to a very thin line to prevent it pushing your look too

Gold Bronze Metallic Eye Makeup
photo: VS Beauty

Choose the Right Coverage

When you’re trying to achieve a specific look, either
daytime or really dramatic, you need to know what products work best. For a
more subtle look, opt for a shimmery powder or a touch of cream eyeshadow that
you blend well for a sheer finish. If you want a stronger look, try one of the
most important metallic eyeshadow tips and don’t just apply more cream
eyeshadow. Instead, you should layer it for a more dramatic effect.

Gold Metallic And Purple Smokey Eyes
photo: Joachim Haslinger for DM

Don’t Skip the Primer

Unless you want to shed metallic particles constantly, you
should always wear a primer to make sure the look stays intact. If you don’t
have a good primer, then the second best option is to apply a cream eyeshadow
in a shade close to the metallic one first.

Gold Metallic Smokey Eye

Go Smoky

While the runways feature some really graphic looks, easily
the most wearable option is a smoky metallic eye. Try one of the best metallic
eyeshadow tips and don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades, mixing
two different metallic ones or even a shimmery one and a regular one to achieve
less dramatic look.

Silver Metallic Eye Makeup
photo: VS Beauty

Stick to a Matte

Going for a metallic eye means that’s going to be the
defining element of your look. That’s why you should always stick to a matte
finish for your foundation. In fact, a BB or CC cream or even a tinted
moisturizer can work fine, as long at the final effect is matte.

Blue Metallic Eyeshadow
photo: Harrods Magazine

Keep It Balanced

Using the right metallic eyeshadow tips will help you get
the look you want, but always remember to keep everything balanced. If you want
a strong lip, then you should definitely opt for a more subtle effect on the
eyes, otherwise your makeup will end up looking like you’re trying way too