How to Upgrade Your Makeup Routine Without New Products

When you feel you’ve plateaued with your makeup skills,
throwing money at the problem won’t always solve it. Instead of going out and
spending a fortune on a whole new color palette and a bunch of new products,
work with what you already have, and you’ll be surprised how much you can

Discover how to upgrade your makeup routine without new
products with the right tricks. Make the most out of makeup kit with these tips
that can help you expand and refine your looks without spending a single cent.

Create Your Own Lip

Instead of going out and buying a lip stain, check out your
collection of lip liners. All you need to complete a beautiful stain is a bit
of moisturizing lip balm. You’ll need a good base, so apply the balm first,
then gently blot your lips to remove the extra grease. Smile to tighten your
lips and start mixing the liner with a touch of balm on the back of your hand,
then press your lips against it. Mix and blot again to create the desired shade.

Use Mascara

Fresh mascara, less than a month old, is always the best
option, but you upgrade your makeup routine without new products by improving
your application and extending the life of your mascara. You need to wiggle
your wand at the base, then sweep towards the ends of your lashes. Apply the
most at the root and then less towards the ends for a natural look. And if your
mascara is dry, use 2-3 eye drops to freshen it up, then gently shake it. Never
pump the wand, since that just dries it further.

Skin Makeup Tricks

Start using Eyeshadow
and Eyeliner Interchangeably

Expand your makeup color palette by using wet eyeshadow as eyeliner
and pencil eyeliner as eyeshadow. You may double your color arsenal with this
simple trick. If you use pencil eyeliner on your eyelids instead of shadow,
remember to smudge with a soft brush, and you can also set with translucent

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Apply Your Highlighter
Under Your Foundation

One of the best pro tips on how to upgrade your makeup
routine without new products is applying highlighter before foundation. This
will help you achieve a natural glow, especially if you’re using a full
coverage foundation throughout the day.

Turn Lipstick Into

This isn’t a new trick, and plenty of women have been using
it to make their cheeks pop. Instead of buying all the shades of blush you’ll
even need, look to your lipstick collection and blend it well by tapping with a
circular motion.

Makeup Lip Stain With Lip Liner

Use Shimmery Shadow
on Your Lips

If you’re tired of your lipstick selection, then don’t be
afraid to use eyeshadow to create the shade you want. Upgrade your makeup
routine without new products by using a bit of non-greasy lip balm first, then
dabbing on the shimmery shadow, then finishing with more lip balm. However, don’t
expect the color to last throughout the whole day like lipstick would.

Take Your Eyeshadow to
the Next Level

When you want bold eye makeup, the easiest way to achieve it
is to use a little water. Never add water to the eyeshadow. Instead, use a
slightly damp fluffy brush to apply it, and create a truly vibrant look. Pick
up some eyeshadow from a corner, then use the back of your hand to distribute
it evenly on the brush. When you use this trick, always apply from bottom to
top, from lash line to crease.

Step Up Your Liquid
Liner Game

A skilled liquid liner application can help you achieve
gorgeous looks. You can upgrade your makeup routine without new products if you
simply have an eyeliner pencil in a neutral shade, like taupe. Start with the
pencil and create even lines, then retrace with the liquid eyeliner of your

Makeup Trick Eyeliner

Get Instant Shine

If you’re not interested in using shimmery shadow on your
lips, simply add a little water to turn into an extra shiny eyeliner. Use the same brush technique explained above, don’t add water directly into the eyeshadow. You
can also use it at the center of your eyelids to highlight your look.

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Try Lip Liner on Your

Upgrade your makeup routine without new products by giving
lip liner a new use, on your eyelids. It won’t be enough on its own, but under
eyeshadow, it can make the color more vibrant and add depth.

photos: Elle Canada