Goodness of Nature with Banjara’s Herbal

Through the years trying products and becoming more aware I have developed an inclination for natural products. No wonder I am always on a lookout for products which are made with natural ingredients. It’s not always I win a lottery and love every product but whenever I do I stick to that product. Few years ago while I was grocery shopping in a nearby mall I eyed this ‘Orange face pack’ and picked it up as it’s name had a traditional/desi vibe to it – Banjara’s.

“You take care of Nature, Nature will take care of you”

It was a pack of powdered face pack which claimed of all natural ingredients. I bought it and got home, immediately opened the face pack and applied it after making a paste with rose water as instructed. After washing it off I just loved my skin, it felt radiant and soft. Unlike chemical based face packs it smelled good and I did not feel I am coming out of a chemistry lab smelling chemicals…

Since then I  always love to buy Banjara natural products. Now Banjara’s face packs come in easy to use paste form also like ‘Papaya Multani Mitti’. Recently I am also trying Banjara’s Samvridhi hair oil and pack and loving it so far. Besides there face packs they have a full range of products catering to the needs of entire family. Some of there other popular products are Brazilian Black (Hair Dye), Face Wash (Multani + Orange).

It is good to know Banjara’s is one of the brands which believes that Nature’s beauty is everlasting and if you take care of Nature, Nature will take care of you. There love for nature is reflected in simple and effective products they make, which are fuss free but potent to deliver desired results. While using there products it gives me a inner satisfaction knowing I am using natural ingredients on my skin, hair and not polluting my body with unnecessary chemicals. Banjara’s brand is listed under PETA’s cruelty-free companies as the products are not tested on animals and Banjara’s do not use any animal ingredients in any of their products. 

You may like to try out samples of Banjara’s products before buying, get it free here