Celebrities With Back to Back Babies

Besides having to deal with two infants at once, having back
to back babies can also have physical effects effects on the mother, from
extreme fatigue to back pain. While there’s no higher risk of complications for
the rushed second pregnancy, it can definitely be turn into a big physical and
psychological challenge for the mother.

Plenty of celebrities with back to back babies have ignored
these issues and decided to give their first born a sibling very soon. Find out
which celebs had another child or got pregnant in around 18 months after giving

Jessica Simpson

The singer turned fashion entrepreneur had her two children
only 14 months apart. Simpson and her fiancé, Eric Johnson, have been together
since 2010, and they welcomed their first child, daughter Maxwell Dress in May

Jessica Simpson Kids

Their son, Ace Knute, was born in June 2013, and one year later Simpson
and Johnson decided to tie the knot.

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling Kids

With 4 children in 5 years, Tori Spelling definitely
qualifies as one of the celebrities with back to back babies. After marriying
Dean McDermott, Tori gave birth to son Liam in March 2007, and daughter Stella
in June 2008. In October 2011 she gave birth to another daughter, Hattie, and
got pregnant just one month after that, with son Fin arriving in August 2012.
However, the pregnancies took a toll on her body, and Spelling’s last pregnancy
was more complicated. After the placenta previa diagnosis, the reality TV star
had to stay in bed 4 months before giving birth for the 4th time.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears Kids

The singer was also in a rush to have a big family after the
married backup dancer Kevin Federline. Her first son, Sean Preston, was born in
September 2005, and she already has another Jayden James almost one year later.
The pregnancies definitely impacted the marriage, with Spears filing for
divorce just two months after having her second baby.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox Kids

Many celebrities with back to back babies are aware of the
difficulties of caring for two infants, but still go ahead and have them close
together. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green welcomed their first son Noah
Shannon in September 2012, and the actress had already announced her second
pregnancy before a year had passed. She gave birth to Bodhi Ransom in February

Denise Richards

Denise Richards Kids

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards also knew they were
expecting another baby just months after their first was born. The actress gave
birth to daughter Sam in March 2004, then had her second daughter Lola in June
2015, after she had already separated from Charlie Sheen.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum Kids

Most celebrities with back to back babies usually go for the
same father, but Heidi Klum had already ended the relationship with her
boyfriend Flavio Briatore when her daughter Leni was born in May 2004. One year
later she was already married to Seal, and they had son Henry in September
2015, then another son, Johan, in November 2006.

Camila Alves

Camila Alves Kids

Matthew McConaughey and model Camila Alves only met in 2007,
but in just 2008 they already welcomes their fist child together, son Levi. Camila
and Matthew didn’t wait for too long to have another child, and daughter Vida
was born in January 2010. The couple tied the knot before their third child,
son Livingston, arrived in December 2012.

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts Kids

Many celebrities with back to back babies conceive again in
less than a year after their first child. Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber had
their first son Alexander in July 2007, with Samuel being born in December

Kerri Walsh

Kerri Walsh Kids

The Olympic gold medalist and her husband Casey Jennings had
a more pragmatic reason to have two children in a year. As pro athletes, with a
limited career span, they decided it was the best way to go, and they welcomed
son Joseph Michael in May 2009, followed by son Sundance Thomas in May 2010.

Rebecca Gayheart

Rebecca Gayheart Kids

The actress and her husband Eric Dane of “Grey’s Anatomy”
fame are also among the celebrities with back to back babies. Their daughter
Billie Beatrice was born in March 2010, and was soon followed by their second
daughter, Georgia Geraldine, in December 2011.