Celebrities Who Love Horses

Horseback riding can be an expensive hobby, but that’s not a
problem for celebrities who love these animals. Some first rode their first
horse while growing up, others only discovered horses when they worked with
them on set.

Find out more about the celebrities who love horses, from
stars who own more than one horse, to celebs who even joke about marrying a
horse, or stars who take equestrianism very seriously and stick to purebred

Gisele Bündchen

The highest earning supermodel in the world first rode when
she was 8 years old. Bündchen’s love of horses started at her aunt’s farm in
Brazil, but stayed with her since. 

Gisele Bunchen Horse Lover

“Instead of being scared, I said, ‘I want to
do it again!’ the supermodel explained. Her husband Tom Brady also rides, and
the two are also trying to share the love for horses with their children.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Horse Lover

Some celebrities who love horses grew up around them. Miley
Cyrus was raised in Nashville, but she likes horses for more than just what
they can do for her. “I love animals, but I don’t really like riding animals.
Like, I don’t love being on a horse – it’s just not my thing. I feel kinda bad.
Like, I just want to pet you. I don’t really want to put you to work,” Miley
told Rolling Stone magazine. However, the singer recently paid $5 million for a
new Hidden Hills home with a riding arena that covers an entire acre.

Gillian Anderson

The “Hannibal” and “The X-Files” star also loves horses. She
even joked about marrying one. “What animal would I marry? Good question. I
might marry a horse, definitely a male horse. Lucky me! He has one sure thing
going for him,” she told The Guardian.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff Horse Lover

After she first started riding at the age of four, on a
Shetland pony, Hilary Duff grew up to be one of the celebrities who love horses.
“My family owns a ranch outside of Austin with lots of land and a great house,
and my parents used to put my older sister, Haylie, and me on the ponies when
we were babies. We may have been just about able to sit up, but we knew we had
to hold on tight,” Duff explained in the book “People We Know, Horses They Love”
by Jill Rappaport.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Horse Lover

The actor clearly loves animals, as he caused an
international scandal by smuggling his Yorkshire Terriers into Australia, but he’s equally
passionate about horses. He rode them in plenty of his movies, but actually
adopted the one he rode while filming “Sleepy Hollow”, saving him from being
put down.


Madonna Horse Lover

Depp was almost trampled by horses while shooting “The Lone
Ranger”, but it didn’t affect his love for horses. The same can be said about
Madonna, one of the celebrities who love horses and kept riding after experiences
two serious falls. While she took up riding in the UK, the queen of pop now
keeps horses at her farm in the Hamptons.

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx Horse Lover

Viggo Mortensen and Johnny Depp adopted horses after meeting
them on set, but Jamie Foxx actually worked on “Django Unchained” with his own
horse, Cheetah. The Academy Award winner even reached out to his fans in 2013
on Facebook, asking “Any fellow equestrians out there?”

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley Horse Lover

The English actress owns a stake in several racehorses, but
it’s not just about business. She’s one of the celebrities who love horses and
she’s been enjoying working with one on the set of the E! series “The Royals”. One
of the horses partially owned by Hurley was even purchased by Queen Elizabeth

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon Horse Lover

“Orange Is the New Black” actress Laura Prepon posed naked
on a horse for People magazine in 2014, but it wasn’t her first rodeo. “I’ve
never thought I would be able to afford my own horse by the time I was twenty
one. I’m very excited about her and she’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever
seen,” Prepon explained about Jezebel, her first Andalusian horse.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Horse Lover

He rode horses in many movies, including “Troy” and “Legends
of the Fall”, but in 2011 Brad Pitt officially joined the list of celebrities
who love horses. The actor bought six Shetland ponies, one for each of his
children, and also bought a horse for his wife, Angelina Jolie.