Amazing Celebrity Face Mashups by Pedro Berg Johnsen

If you’ve ever wondered how celebrity babies would look
like, but also want to see some unlikely pairings, check out some of the best
celebrity face mashups. With the help of mad Photoshop skills, most of these pairings
will surprise and delight you.

Created by Pedro Berg Johnsen ThatNordicGuy and published on,
these celebrity face mashups take your favorite celebrities and create new
ones, who definitely deserve a look. Whether you’re looking for a new fan
fiction pairing or just want to see some celebrity Photoshop fun, here are some
of the best mashups around.

Elizabeth Olsen and
Scarlett Johanson

Seen together on screen in “Captain America: The Winter
Soldier” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, Scarlet Witch and Black Widow are
definitely a good fit. 

Elizabeth JohanssonElizabeth Olsen And Scarlett Johanson Face Mashup

The youngest Olsen sister and the Tony Awards winner
share plenty of gorgeous features, so their celebrity photo mashup is a no-brainer.

Taylor Swift and Emma

Taylor WatsonTaylor Swift And Emma Watson Face Mashup

Definitely one of the best celebrity face mashups, the
combination of the singer and the “Harry Potter” actress is just as great.
Swift is the only artist to be awarded Billboard’s Woman of the Year
twice (in 2012 and 2014), and Watson will portray Belle in Disney’s live action “Beauty
and the Beast”.

Josh Hutcherson and
Liam Hemsworth

Josh HemsworthJosh Hutcherson And Liam Hemsworth Face Mashup

What would happen if you mixed Peeta with Gale? Two of the
stars of “The Hunger Games” franchise definitely look great as just one guy.
Whether you want to call it Geeta or Pale, this photo mashup is quite

Angelina Jolie and
Megan Fox

Angelina FoxAngelina Jolie And Megan Fox Face Mashup

It makes a lot of sense that two of the sexiest brunettes in
the world would also contribute to one of the best celebrity face mashups.
Whether she was married to Brad Pitt or David Austin Green, this brunette would
turn just as many heads.

Tom Hiddleston and Michael

Tom FassbenderTom Hiddleston And Michael Fassbender Face Mahsup

It’s not exactly part of the the Marvel Cinematic Universe,
but the combination of Thor’s brother with X-Men’s Magneto makes a lot of sense. They’re
both bad guys, they’re both on the best dressed list, and the mashup of Michael
Fassbender and Tom Hiddleston is as handsome as both actors, if not more.

Chris Pine and
Zachary Quinto

Chris QuintoChris Pine And Zachary Quinto Face Mashup

After decades of Kirk and Spock fan fiction, the two
characters are finally together in one of the best celebrity face mashups. “Star
Trek” stars Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine share a love of designer stubble, so their
celebrity photo mashup hasn’t seen a razor in a while.

Bryce Dallas Howard
and Emma Stone

Bryce Dallas StoneBryce Dallas Howard And Emma Stone Face Mashup

Hollywood’s go-to redheads, “Jurassic World” star Bryce Dallas Howard and “The Amazing
Spider-Man” actress Emma Stone, can both rock both blond and red hair with great
success, but this mashup proves they should stick to red.

Kit Harrington and
Richard Madden

Kit MaddenKit Harrington And Richard Madden Face Mashup

Whether Jon Snow will return to “Game of Thrones” or not, he
definitely looks a lot like his half-brother. In one of the best celebrity face
mashups, Kit Harrington and Richard Madden prove their casting in the HBO
show was truly inspired.

Kristen Stewart and
Emma Watson

Kristen WatsonKristen Stewart And Emma Watson Face Mashup

While the “Twilight” franchise made her a star, Kristen
Stewart also proved she has the acting chops to back up her box office success, by becoming the
first American actress to win a Cesar Award. When it comes to celebrities
mashed together, her pairing with Emma Watson is spot on.

Jensen Ackles and Tom

Jensen HiddlestonJensen Ackles And Tom Hiddleston Face Mashup

He may play Jared Padalecki’s brother in Supernatural, but
Jensen Ackles could also be Tom Hiddleston’s brother. With the help of a little
Photoshop magic, they certainly make one gorgeous guy.

Elsa Hosk and Natalie

Elsa DormerElsa Hosk And Natalie Dormer Face Mashup

The Victoria’s Secret Angel and The Hunger Games actress
were also brought together in one of the best celebrity face mashups. Hosk is
ranked 15th by on the Top Sexiest Models list, while Dormer was
named Widow of the Year in 2014 by GQ magazine for her portrayal of Margaery Tyrell on
“Game of Thrones”.