A Fairy Tale Christian Wedding

To tell the truth, since my childhood I have been fascinated by Christian weddings. The beautiful brides dressed in pretty gown, color co-ordinated bridesmaid, the whole atmosphere of the church and the bride and groom finally saying it out “I Do” seems so much like a fairy tale wedding to me ?

christian bride with tiara
The most gorgeous bride with a sweetest smile

So for sure I had to write about this Christian wedding beautifully photographed by Reggie Menacherry (very well known by our readers :)).What got my attention on first look in these beautiful wedding pictures was definitely the gorgeous bride Flavia and her beautiful white gown which she complements very well with her tiara and a warm smile. And the couple together just seemed perfect with there eyes gleaming with love for each other

christian wedding gown in white
so loving this gorgeous embroidered gown
wedding photography
Groom kisses the bride as they promise to stay together forever
wedding photography
awww….the cute couple
Indian christian bride
blessing being showered on the couple in the form of flowers
red and pink wedding stage decoration
happiness all around…

Image Courtesy : Reggie Menacherry Photography