5 Minutes Toner For Pores To No Pores

5 Minutes Cucumber and green tea toner to minimize facial pores

The most common reason for many skin related issues like acne, blackheads etc is facial pores and these enemies are so stubborn that it becomes very hard to get rid of them. At the same time we also have to keep a check not to introduce our skin to many new chemicals to minimize pores.

So after some research here and there and trials I found this cucumber and green tea 5 minutes toner to be very effective, all natural and cost effective too :). As a result of using this I feel my skin more refreshed, tighter and visibly reduced pores and lesser blackheads after using for 2 weeks regularly.

Here’s how you can make some for yourself and go from Pores to No Pores. I make my stock for 2-3 days and store it is fridge, you can make fresh daily too and decide the quantity accordingly. Take a cucumber, grate it and squeeze the juice from it. In the juice put some crushed green tea and few drops of honey. Let it rest of 5 minutes and then strain it, if the tea leaves are bigger in size leave it for some more time. Take this mixture and with the help of cotton or simply by hands apply it on your face nicely, let it dry and then wash off. Use regularly to shrink pores and keep blackheads away. Simple isn’t it???