21 Comfortable Pregnancy Styles for Different occassions

I am working on my laptop and in between take a break and start checking some pictures. And here I come across pictures of my 1st pregnancy! Wow my daughter has grown so big now I sighed!!! And then I noticed that I am dressed up in same way in all of them, Good old Pregnancy Jeans and T-shirt. Well I remember many people suggested me to wear loose and comfortable clothes at that time and I followed them religiously. I didn’t explore much options of comfortable and stylish clothing at that time. But trust me it was not very exciting, feeling like a big potato in loose clothes, it made the pregnancy very unstylish.

This time when I came to know about my second pregnancy I dreaded that same thing would be happening. I did checkout maternity jeans available online on various sites but then thankfully Kareena Kapoor’s pregnancy started making news in media. And yes she inspired me to try out all sort of dressing keeping comfort factor in mind. Till now I have worn most of the things during my pregnancy – dresses, skirts, trousers and even Sarees with a little bit of change to keep it comfortable and suitable for pregnancy. Now pregnancy dressing is no more boring for me and I look forward to try out more styles. Here are few comfortable pregnancy styles for different occasions I like:

Casual Pregnancy Look

  1. Cropped Dungaree a Tee, comfortable and stylish


2. Loose baggy sweater and tights perfect for walks


3. Spaghetti Top and Yoga pants


4. I loved wearing these Comfortable loose Palazzo at a Jewellery photoshoot during early pregnancy


5. Long shrug with a jeans and tee


6. Long uneven hem sweater with tights is comfortable and stylish both


7. Maxi skirts and top


8. Poncho to add style to normal jeans look


9. Knee length flowy dress


10. Shorts and shirt


11. Denim dungaree and t-shirt


Formal Pregnancy Look

12. Loved Kareena Kapoor pregnancy look in these gowns


13. Dress with a matching long coat


14. I wore this red dress with a short jacket in contrast color during my Goa trip at 5 month of pregnancy


15. Jeans and formal coat


16. Dress and wrapped scarf


17. Dress with tie up shirt


Traditional Pregnancy Look

18. Kareena Kapoor looks comfortable in this cotton anarkali kurta


19. Carol Gracias looks confident and stylish in a saree and frilled blouse, flaunting her baby bump


20. I wore this black saree with open Pallu as it was easy to carry at 6th month of pregnancy


21. I ditched usual saree blouse with a top for a day long event


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