10 Makeup Tricks of the Trade

Even if you’ve mastered the makeup looks that work best for
you, it’s important to keep learning in order to make the most out of your
products, and take your look to the next level.

If you want your makeup to be up to red carpet standards,
try some of the best makeup tricks of the trade, recommended by professional
makeup artists with a lot of experience.

Laura Mercier – Radiant Glow

If you’re looking for the perfect glow, you’ll need to
carefully match the texture of your bronzer with your foundation. “Never
overload your brush, and match texture to texture. A cream or gel is perfect
over liquid foundation, for example. If you don’t want a powdery look, use a
blusher with a hint of pearl to lift the texture and add a glow,” Mercier told
The Daily Mail.

Mario Dedivanovic – Perfect Eyebrows

Kim Kardashian’s 4-hour makeup seminar with Mario
Dedivanovic was a treasure trove of makeup tricks of the trade, but the best
one is a tip that helps you define your eyebrows. Use a darker shade of
eyebrow pencil at the outer corners of your eyebrows and a lighter one toward
your nose. “It’s softer and sweeter-looking when brows aren’t so heavy at the
inner corners,” Dedivanovic told the audience.

Pro Eyebrow Tricks

photo: @rebeccaseals

Cher Webb – Instant Eye Lift

When you’re looking to lift your eyes, MAC
Senior Artist Cher Webb recommends applying a few false individual lashes at
the outer edges. “To enhance your lashes try adding 3-4
individual lashes to the outer corners of the eye. You’ll see an instant lift
and a more feline cat eye shape. Individuals have a more natural look than a
strip lash. Don’t add too much glue, only a little is needed for these little
whispers,” Webb explained in Cosmopolitan.

Gucci Westman – Longer Lasting Lip Color

One of the best makeup tricks of the trade comes from makeup
artist Gucci Westman, who’s worked for Vogue and Dior. For a longer lasting
shade on your lips, “apply lip color using your fingers, pat it on and clean
up the edges with a small concealer brush,” Westman told The Daily Mail.

Longer Lasting Lip Color
photo: @makeupbytammi

Gary Cooper – Illuminator Tricks

Guerlain’s regional makeup artist has an excellent trick to
illuminate your skin. “For illuminators, I would just use it with a brush on
the nose. You can also use it on your chest because it has beautiful gold
reflects, but very little again. I will not use it all over the face, it would
be overdosed,” he told My Fash Diary.

Pati Dubroff – Natural Dewy Skin

With a portfolio that includes Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity
Fair, Pati Dubroff is a seasoned pro, and she shared one the most useful makeup tricks of the trade for a
beautiful glow with Teen Vogue: “I’ll use a creamy concealer to even any spots
or redness and only a light dusting of loose powder through the T-zone. Keep
the skin looking like skin, with a glow that’s controlled.”

Dick Page – Mascara on Lower Lashes

Model Lisa Kant told an excellent backstage trick to Marie Claire:
“At the last Michael Kors show, makeup artist Dick Page taught me
a mascara trick for sexy lower lids: start with the wand parallel to the
then switch it to perpendicular to the lid and run it back and forth.”

Glowing Skin Makeup Trick

photo: @abbeystojmua

Jackie Tyson – Flawless, Smooth Skin

The British makeup artist prefers to use a pore minimizer
instead of a primer, and that’s one of the best makeup tricks of the trade when
you’re looking for a smooth texture. “I use it only around the T-zone, where
pores need to be made to look smooth and match the rest of the skin. Apply
after moisturizer, and before you apply your foundation,” she told The Daily

Chanty LaGrana – Long Lasting Blush

In hot weather, blush can quickly disappear, but makeup
artist Chanty LaGrana has an excellent solution to that problem. “Switching to
a gel blush will help because gels last longer and don’t just sit on your skin
like a powder blush. My favorite is
Julie Hewett Los Angeles Cheekie. It’s
not only for your cheeks, but also for your lips!” she told Life With Liberté.

Longer Lasting Blush
photo: @bybrookelle

Nina Leykind – Blue Mascara

Founder and creative director of makeup brand Eyeko, Nina
Leykind thinks blue mascara is one of the most important makeup tricks of the
trade. “You get all the definition of black but softer – great for the morning
after, as blue really brightens the whites of your eyes, belying lack of sleep,”
she explained in Elle magazine.