10 Makeup Tips to Use In Your Car

Doing your makeup on the go is difficult and not something
you should be excited about, but you can still get a great look with the right
products and tips. Obviously, when you’re at the wheel, you should focus on the
road and nothing else. But when you’re parked or in the passenger seat, you
might be able to pull off a great look quickly.

Check out some of the best makeup tips to use in your car or
on the train on your morning commute. Even if you’re in a moving vehicle, these
simple tricks will allow you to create the makeup you want while also saving time.

1. Be Prepared

Even when you’re in your parked car, you can still use some
extra mirrors to get more angles. Make sure that you choose the right products,
with built-in mirrors and less risk of spilling. Mirrors are also very
important if you’re doing your makeup on the bus or a train, so be prepared so
that you don’t have to keep digging for new items in your makeup bag.

2. Choose the Right Foundation

Ideally, you’d have enough time to put on your foundation at
home, before you run out the door. One of the best makeup tips to use in your
car if you also want a good base is to opt for buildable coverage. It’s a lot
easier to work with powder foundation than with liquid or creme ones while
you’re in a moving vehicle, so that should be your choice.

3. Work the Concealer

If you didn’t manage to cover that ugly zit at home, you’re
in trouble, but you can still fix it. Usually, concealer should never be
applied over powder, but in extreme cases, you could get away with a little
under the powder and a little over it. When you don’t have concealer, use
foundation that you find in the nozzle or the cap. The thicker texture makes it
a good concealer replacement.

4. Stick to Pencils for
Your Eyes

One of the best makeup tips to use in your car is to stick
to pencil eyeshadow. It’s easy to apply and you can easily blend it with your
pinky finger for the perfect finish. Eyeliner should also be a pencil when you’re
in a moving vehicle, and thicker tips are best. You can opt for gel or liquid,
but only if you plan on using it in your parked car.

5. Skip the Lip Liner

Before you apply lipstick, you can use a clear lip liner for
better staying power. However, if that feels like one extra step you simply don’t
have time for, then you can easily replace it with a little powder. Apply it on
your lips before the color in order to help it stay put.

Applying Makeup In The Car

6. Stick to Blush

Bronzer is harder to apply on the go. That’s why you should
only use a little blush for definition. For one of the most important makeup
tips to use in your car, stick to a touch of blush on the apples of your
cheeks, then make sure you blend towards your temples. If you forgot the blush,
a little lipstick or lip gloss can be a good alternative.

7. Try a Highlight

If you don’t need too much color on your eyelids, you can
use a little shadow just to highlight, and make the rest of your eyelids look
like they’re covered with a neutral. Make sure you apply at the inner corners
of your eyes and under the brow for simple effect that will complete your look.

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8. Work the Mascara

When you’re just sticking to mascara, without any eyeshadow
or eyeliner, it’s very important that you make it count. Aim to get the mascara
as close to the lash line as possible. Since you probably don’t have the curler
with you, use a curling mascara for the best effect. One of the most useful makeup
tips to use in your car is using primer to get rid of any smudging if you end
up touching your face with the wand.

9. Use a Cup for Makeup

If you plan on going all the way and spending more than a
few minutes in your parked car to complete your look, be prepared with a clean
cup. Once you fill it with all your brushes and different tubes, from mascara
to lip gloss, the cup holder will keep them at hand.

10. Put Safety First

Remember that the best makeup tips to use in your car can be
very dangerous if you try them while you’re at the wheel. Unless you know you
just stopped at a really long red light, leave it for the parking lot.

Do not
apply makeup while driving!