10 Best Ways to Reinvent Your Look

From the small things, like your nails and makeup, to the
clothes your wear every day, your style can easily be upgraded without spending a lot
of money. If you’re ready for a new you, check out these great tips on how to take
your look to the next level.

Starting with your wardrobe and ending with a visit to the
dermatologist, try some of the best ways to reinvent your look, and you’ll
achieve the change you feel is missing from your style.

1. Make the Most Out of
Your Wardrobe

Before you even think about shopping, take a look at your
wardrobe and take it all in. You have the clothes you wear regularly, and a lot
of stuff you don’t. Forget about emotional attachment and get rid of most of
the things that simply don’t add to your style. They get creative and wear
older items in new ways. Once you find new winning combos, keep track of them by
writing them down or using a note app on your smartphone.

New Style

2. Choose a Style Icon

You should never aim to copy a celebrity’s look completely,
but one of the best ways to reinvent your look is finding inspiration with the
help of a style icon. Whether you’re more of a Kim Kardashian or a Kate
Middleton, make sure that you’re choosing someone with a similar body type, so
you actually discover new looks that work for you.

New Style Accessories

3. Invest in Wardrobe

Buying a lot of fast fashion may keep you trendy, but
you’re not really enjoying the benefits of quality, well tailored clothing.
Spend a little more on a little black dress, on a white oxford shirt, on a
pencil skirt, or on a pair of pants that fits perfectly. By mixing and
matching quality items with cheaper ones, you’ll be able to maintain your own
style, while still looking like you’re always put together.

4. Don’t Be Afraid of Alterations

With the fraction of the price of a new item, you can get an
old one tailored to fit your body beautifully. From jeans to tops, one of the best
ways to reinvent your look it to get everything fitted properly, and even give
new life to your favorite items with new trims.

New Hairstyle

5. Try a Fresh Hairstyle

If you’re not ready to commit to a new look for your hair,
even parting it differently can make a big difference. When you’re feeling more
daring, get a new hairstyle that really feels like the new you. Color can also
play a big part in your look, so don’t be afraid to get highlights and
lowlights to give depth to your new haircut.

Fashion Accessories

6. Update Your

Buying a new handbag and a few new pieces of jewelry is one
of the best ways to reinvent your look without spending a lot. Necklaces, brooches and
belts can help you get a fresh vibe and even a new silhouette for the quality
items in your wardrobe. A new pair of stilettos can also make a huge
difference, both in your look and your confidence level.

New Manicure

7. Go for a New Manicure

Opting for a bolder color palette for your nails or trying
nail art can add a lot to your fresh look, but that’s not the only thing you
can change. Consider experimenting with the shape of your nails. If they’re
round, try a squoval shape, with the tips filed straight across and rounded
corners. Pair the new shape with a strong color statement, and your manicure
won’t go unnoticed.

8. Get Your Eyebrows

Splurging on a professional when it comes to your eyebrows
is one of the best ways to reinvent your look. With the right arch and
thickness, both suited to your features, the effect can be truly dramatic.

Bold Makeup

9. Experiment with Bolder

Even if you think you know every shade that works for you,
there might be plenty that you haven’t really given a proper chance. Trying
some different colors, suited to your skin tone, could help you discover a new
you. Don’t be afraid of bolder lips, and make sure your makeup kit includes the
perfect red and the perfect nude.

10. Make Your Skin Glow

From retinoids to laser treatments, there’s a lot a dermatologist
can do for your skin besides fillers and botox. One of the best ways to
reinvent your look is to consult a specialist, who can help make your skin look
fresh and radiant without any invasive procedures.

photos: weheartit.com